7th day of the sweets challenge

can’t believe it, the week is over. I’m proud of myself that I managed to control myself. Today I was a little bad, has some sweets but not much … and to my surprise, not really, as much as I was craving for the chocolate I didn’t really want to have as much as I did…. Well I think that’s a good thing, means my plan worked

Need now to keep on managing and controlling what I eat, actually the amounts that I’m eating.

It was a nice experience that I don’t mind trying again… don’t know when but I feel I will sometime kind of soon. 😉


6th day of the one week sweet challenge

6 is close to 7! WoooW! Yes I’m craving for sweets but small portion not a big box of sweets. Though I’m away from chocolates and candies, yet my eating habits still needs some work. One step at a time.
It is not easy to control eating habits and diet with winter already here.
I’m already planning what I’m having on Monday, sweets, loooool.
Thought of bread one week challenge but don’t think I can do it, I know I’ll crack from the third day max. Bread includes rice and pasta, I don’t think I’m up to such a challenge, at least not yet.

5th day of the sweets challenge

I can’t believe it!! fifth day already. Well I am not going to lie, I do crave for sweets this moment more than the morning. Had my white coffee and peach yogurt. also had small spoon of honey and couple of dates (2) .

I am so tempted to go get some chocolate from the kitchen, but I am trying to control myself, two more days I keep on telling myself.

I am the queen of the castle! <<I am in control, or so I think

Monday I soooooooo am waiting for you, just a small chocolate or one piece of cookie …. and if I am strong enough maybe none, no one knows 😀

4th Day of the sweets challenge

O! finally the forth day is almost over! Can’t believe it. Today I was soooo tempted to have some cookies, but fought successfully.

had a spoon of honey and peach yogurt. I think that is good for the portion I used to take the past couple of weeks. I miss having sweets… yet it is nice to have control on the food I am eating.

three more days to go, excited to see how I will cope now that my sweet craving is starting. I know I am strong and I can do it.

3rd day of the sweets challenge

Hi again, third day was over, and I’m proud of myself. Didn’t much crave sweets, such as chocolate, was satisfied with my peach yogurt. I know it has sugar and so on, but the point is to be in control rather than depriving myself. In control of the amount and type of food I’m eating.
The week is now almost half way through, I’m glad if how it is proceeding so far.

2nd Day of my one week challenge

Well yes today has passed well in regards to sweets, but I did something bad, I ate a lot, comparing to what I am used to eat. Yes my emotional eater is out and going wild and crazy…..

I do hope that by tomorrow (the 3rd day) I would get a grasp on this and be able to control what I am eating for real, I am so not willing to lose what I worked for this year.

Trying to focus on work as much as possible, but at the same time I do miss sweets, and I know that deep down inside me I am stronger than I think and that I can do it ( control my eating habits).

DAY 1 of the sweets challenge

Hi to anyone who is interested in how did I cope with my first day. Well here is the thing… type of food I am eating today is somehow filled with fat, at least the main meal of the day : dinner. Other than that I managed somehow to keep away from sweets such as candy and chocolate…. though I must confess I did consume some sugar with my hot drink. Other than that I had some fruits and a small spoon of honey.

Now it is around 8pm and I am craving for sweets, though I am not hungry.. so will drink my hot white coffee and hope I don’t crave more for sweets but if I did, my B plan is to have peach yogurt.