History repeats itself?!

My Opinion

I know that history can and does repeat itself every now and then. The proof is that we learn from the past when dealing with similar if not exact situation.
Been a long time since I went to visit and stay with this lovely family member, I love her a lot and I am blessed to have her in my life; but every time I notice that she treats me as if I'm the youngest in the family, to the degree that girls younger than me are treated according to their age but not me.
I know somehow through my soul search and exploration through the years who I am, and still working on improving some points, and I know what's my physical capabilities.
For her, she believes I don't have any of the things I've said, which proven by modern medicine and imaging. She thinks, if not believes, that I've made things up and that I'm OCD or just having them (symptoms) in my head.
Yes! Some things r emotionally triggered and generated but the other part are physically permanent.
It kinda hit a nerve when I felt the sensation of her thinking of me as a pier or the type op people who seek to claim illness. She wouldn't listen to what I'm saying and insists on what she believes. So as I do most of the times in suck conversations, I shut off and raise the white flag of surrendering, don't feel like arguing about something with a person who is not willing to hear me out and listen with awareness to what I'm saying. Besides, me insisting even more on my stand might end up in me ruining my relationship with this amazing person.
Some might call what I've done weakness, but I see it picking your battles/ conversations/ arguments.
Would like to get your thoughts about what would you do or react if in my place?
Given the sensation by a person that he/she knows what's better for you than you ( and she/ he is not your parent). Also, when that person acts to know better about you than you know yourself.


One year experience

My Opinion

It has been one academic year so far… and the experience is priceless.. In which I have met and made new colleagues… came in contact with students who have enriched my life experience and together we learned things in the field of design and life.

From the things that I have experienced and hope to keep on experiencing is the lessons that I learn about life, and so far been good ones with no casualties.. or embarrassment, and for that I am blessed.

With summer break half way through, I still wish to develop myself before the new academic year starts, want to be ahead of what might be given… Things need to be dealt with, emotions and academic material.. There is no way to deal with one without involving the other….

I hope for things to be better with everyday, and hope that I keep on excited and motivated everyday… it is something that I have dreamed to do and blessed enough to have the opportunity of doing so far…

Thought I might write a long post, as I wanted to express how I felt or went though during that year, but seems like the shorter the more expressive it reads.. with more chances for other posts to come that might hold more specific details.