Me Time Ideas #3

This is one of my favourite things to do, it is part of pampering myself and also I do it as a me time. Try booking a relaxing session every now and then, and maybe you can make it a regular thing. You deserve some pampering, I recall writing something about that earlier two years ago, with the title of ME TIME 

For me I like to go there for an hour or so, even if that means I would go before the appointment and relax till it is time for the appointment, in which I would be relaxing and trying to clear my thoughts. Sometimes that works and sometimes sadly I go deep with my thoughts to places I don’t want to.

Here are some ideas for relaxing sessions:

  • spa Swedish massage
  • spa aroma massage
  • spa hot stone
  • reflexology
  • foot massage
  • Indian head massage
  • acupuncture
  • air cup




It Has Been A While

I felt confused, lots of thoughts going through my head. Tried various ways to organise them, to find a systematic solution that would help me think things through without rushing into conclusion and start to demonstrate some solution.
It is not science I am talking about, it is something close to dad to day events. Yet all I was able to think about was my lovely tree. The tree that resembles stability, security, safety …. I thought to myself that I need to go there, I need to see it, I want to feel safe even if only for couple of minutes.
So I did, I went there, shut all the world around me, all the once, all the figures around me, it was only me and the tree. I could feel the difference in size between us, the ration was clear. I stood by it, my heart pounding hard. I started to move my hand on it, moved even closer to it, almost hugging it, and inside me thanking Allah for giving me the calmness and sense of security through this tree. Then I felt like crying, for me crying is discharge for negative feelings and emotions.
I must admit it, I did and do miss being around it.

It Has Been A While

Me Time ideas #2

Something you can do indoors or outdoors is to have a run away location. It can be as big as a garden and as small as a specific chair. It is  where you can sit and feel safe, engulfed and secure. Going to such a place alone with no interruption for a short time as 10 minutes or to even longer time (no limits).

being in that state of mind can be helpful, also can be mentally tiring, that all depends on where do you take your thoughts to. Yet, it is not a bad idea to seek such a place for your comfort and sense of security.

Personally I got one in the house and another outdoors, sadly I do miss the outdoor one and not sure what will do when I relocate, though I might not be going to my outdoor location often, but knowing that it is there for me comforts me.

try it, trying would not harm

Me Time idea #1

Hi everyone, here I start with one of the ideas which I have tried sometime soon. I was in a hotel for the weekend, thought of getting me some bath bubbles and so on. The thing was that I was under lots of stress and didn’t know how to distress, actually I do manage if I want to, but that weekend I wanted to try something new. So I went morning shopping then got me some aroma bath bubble, something that would help me ease into a deep night sleep.  Last time I recall doing such a thing was before around 8 years.

I don’t know if it was the bath or the fact that I was tired, but I fell asleep like a baby, had a nice deep sleep that night. The freshness I felt and energy that day was worth placing an occasional bath to the list I got in ME time, and to be frank, it is what made me think of listing my ideas here.

Here is the product used that night

Lush: Big Blue Bath Bomb

The Idea of “ME” Time

I remember talking to my friends before, let’s say 6 years ago or more, about the idea of me time, and that I miss having it. The truth was I was trying my best to have it at least once a week, then became desperate to have it once  a month, then once every other month!!

The common thing between me and my friends was that we agreed that we DO need such a time, a time where we dedicate our attention to ourselves. Young & Twenty had it as a point in her list of how to reduce stress & anxiety I quote :

Make ‘You’ Time. Meditation and deep breathing is said to be a very effective way to eliminate anxiety. However, if you’re not interested in learning those methods, there are still ways to make a positive use of ‘you’ time. Designate a few minutes (either in the morning at night) and sit with your eyes closed. Listen to music that makes you happy or simply sit in silence and go over your thoughts. Ensure that all thoughts are positive and reflect on the day you will have or the day you had. Creating a positive mindset will make an undeniable impact on how you see the world.

People might call it different things, but the fundamental concept is the same. The past year and so, I became more aware of my need to such a time, and try to have at least 5 minutes a day, and it can go up to 30-45 minutes a day sometimes (if it was once a week). The benefits I get are related to my sanity and health, and as Young&Twenty mentioned to the level of stress.

If you are interested in knowing some of the things I tried, and my friends keep your eyes on the blog every now and then. Even some of the ideas in the quote will be discussed. Again if you got a thought that you want to share, you are more than welcomed

Me time ideas

One more time, same. Title I think, but this time it will be a series of ideas in a series of posts. If you got an idea that you would like to share, email me or even comment, for sure will credit you with the name you prefer the most.
So far I got three ideas that worked for me.

O! Forgot to explain what I mean with me time. It is the time that you dedicate for yourself and do something for you because you deserve it. If you were a mom, or even a single girl/boy who had a very long week or have been working hard, you need some me time.
So let’s start the ideas!