Say bye to shower mirror fog…

Tried this trick and worked amazingly


Organising clothes tips

Being in a temporary place, like a month trip or temporary house, can lead you to live in a small house or a limited storage spaces. Well this post links to one of the sites that provide cleaver ideas. Personally I like the one displayed in the image below and I have tried it myself. This really did help me organize my cluttered drawer and made it easy to find the top I was looking for.

Clothes Clutter: Organizing All Your Accessories

DIY Inspiration: Punk Goth

I don’t normally reblog but liked this one ….

M&J Blog

The DIY movement stems from the punk goth community. Since people couldn’t find something that fit their style, they just made it! Whether or not you’re a fan of the punk goth style, you have to give them credit for creating such a push for the craft community! Here are some easy DIYs that embrace that gothic punk look and vibe!

Bleached Black

Bleach Pattern Tights DIY

These tights are so edgy, and simple to make yourself! Just grab a pair of opaque black tights, a bleach pen, and start doodling! For lighter colors go over your design with the bleach pen multiple times, and place a piece of cardboard inside of the tights to prevent the bleach from crossing over to the other side.

A Piercing Piece

Punk Goth Statement Necklace with Safety Pins

This necklace from Sorelle in Style is so easy to make! Just grab a beaded necklace, some safety pins, and a yard of chain!


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Lentil Salad

I wrote earlier a post about the benefits of eating lentil, mostly I consume it in the form of soup, rarely added to some other dishes… Yet today I thought of trying a recipe I saw online; Lemony Lentil Salad. I didn’t use the same exact ingredients, I like to improvise when it comes to salad or the amount of herbs in food (talking me and cooking in general).

Any how I wanted to share this salad with you also show you a small portion of what I did. You would notice that I used orange lentil, another modification done by me, but that what I had in my kitchen.

I really enjoyed it, though got some ideas of how to improve both its presentation and taste

20130816-071529 PM.jpg

Second try in creating this plate … not bad

Curly Hair and Society

For a girl like me, with my fizzy shrinking curly hair, it is not easy to feel comfortable. I tried to ignore the social requirement of straightening my hair this summer, after all I got not only curly hair but also fizzy.
I decide that I’m going to ignore and have a hair up-do then on the last moment I change my mind and blow dry it or straighten it.
I tried before to chemically straighten it, that worked for a while but it is a costly procedure, both time and money.

To be able to be comfortable and confident with the way your hair is, the way you look, and not having a bad hair day is an important thing, yet I got lots of bad hair days that I try to overcome

I know a hair do can make a difference, so I will place some links to YouTube that got some hair dos that I personally tried and liked

cute and easy 

a perfect low bun


everyday up do

Why Lentil?

From I was a teen, I fell in love with eating lentil soup. As I grew up I came to know and learn about its benefits, which I want to share with you all!

Mind, Body, Green site mentioned 7 of the health benefits that lentil has:

1. Lower Cholesterol
2. Heart Health
3. Digestive Health
4. Stabilized Blood Sugar
5. Good Protein Source
6. Increases Energy
7. Weight Loss
According to Whole Living website, lentil is in the power foods list, that it has great amount of fiber in it, as well as blood-fortifying iron – especially when paired with a food containing vitamin C
Also Discovery, Fit and Health mentions that lentil is exceptionally high in folic acid, also a good source of magnesium.
Interesting enough another site called 3 fat chicks listed the minerals and vitamins that lentils have, they are as following, according to the site:
Calcium, Folic acid (vitamin B9), Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Thiamine (vitamin B1), Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E
If all that doesn’t make you love lentil more, or start loving it if you were not a fan I don’t know what will!! unless you are allergic
Some lentil recipes will be added soon 😉

20130729-051418 PM.jpg