The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


I have been told long ago about this book, and was advised as a teen to read the teen specially oriented one, which is not much different in principle to this one. Now that I am no longer a teen, I was advised again to read the book, which I did.

To tell you the truth, it was not an easy process, and had to push myself into reading every page and go through the whole book, I even spent intense time to finish it and take less days spent on it. The flow was nice to read, the concepts were somehow familiar as I have read them as a teen, but for some reason I felt it was a heavy reading material.

From my perspective, I see that the book talks about the different three stages of people’s reaction towards responsibility: dependency, independency and inter-depenecy.  basically it talks about ones responsibility acceptance to the cooperation and working as a team. Moving from blaming others to working with them to succeed, motivate and develop.

I am all about the concept that this book tries to deliver. Sadly I know it is been taught as a workshop in different companies, but are they actually applying what is been taught? Or only some theoretical material that they give for the sake of giving?


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