The Art of Thinking Clearly


I started this post with more detail that later on as I went more into the book noticed that was more complicated and will be as if I was summarising the book not reviewing it. So here is the review:

My overall thought in regards to this book. As a start, I thought the book would discuss something different. Alas, it surprised me. Thought the ideas and concepts presented were useful to know. Gradually I started to feel some negative vibes from the writer’s attitude. This made me to go furthermore and insist on finishing the book. Following will try to give more details, hopefully not spoilers for people who didn’t start reading the book.

The book started with really nice concepts, and all justifications placed seemed logical, yet it seems like it requests maximum objectivity in the way we live. For me, I feel there needs to be some subjectivity or as the author calls it bias/ error.

I respect the ideas and theories placed in the book, and as the author mentions later on at the end of the book: he falls into those traps that doesn’t make him think clearly as it is part of being human. That conclusion I think what made me feel better, as lost of the theories mentioned are part of who we are, and personal thought, they are not errors or traps and they can positively influence us.




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