I think I have written a lot about this subject, but I cannot be blamed, as it is affecting my life. Yes! I am the jealous type sometimes, but I do not go around and express my jealousy or act negatively around and towards people. I try to develop myself, learn from what is around me to overcome the reason behind my jealousy. Where did I go wrong? Is it something that I failed to do? Or something that I did not even think about doing? Or maybe I just needed a push to accomplish it?

The reason for this post, I mean the timing, is due to the pain I am feeling now that is formed from the pain of the people I love the most. They are hurt because of the acts and reactions of people they considered their support, but what happened was that the response was not as they (the ones I love) expected from their so-called-support.

That is not the first time that such a thing happens, and every time I somehow come across the same conclusion, it is one of two things:

  1. they try to calm the ones I love but their express themselves in the wrong way, using the wrong words
  2. they are jealous of the accomplishments that they hear about, and the best they can do is to make the ones I love feel bad to be all on the same level

Not sure what is their motive, but for sure what ever they said bothered the ones I love, therefore I am annoyed. Also, not sure why but I feel that it is the second reason behind the whole thing.

Jealousy is a disease!!! Also, I have been told that it is a proof of one’s success.


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