I’ve read from different sources that our daily activities are 10% depends on happens to us and 90% depends on how we react to this 10%. Not saying yes or no, just discussing this approach. Some people just act most of the time negatively regardless of the things that happens to them, but their negativity is due to some emotional and background cause… now you would say I’m contradicting myself… well I don’t think I am.

An example to clarify my point: let’s say someone close to you (mother, father, sister, brother or child) is going through some health issue that you can do nothing about. For sure that would affect you and would occupy your mind, but would that give you the right to spread this negativity around?

These emotional background of the 10% that happens to us can effect both long and short terms depending on your personality and even faith some might say. The thing that we don’t realise enough is the damage that we might be causing to people around us who don’t know about the emotional background issues we are going through, or even the people who know but have no fault but being part of your social circle. For you, this emotional background is the 10%, but for them your negativity is their 10%. Am I making any sense? Well, I’m trying to cope up with myself and people around me who are experiencing this kind of 10% of emotional background issues. For me, I try my best and am still learning to cope with my 10% so that I would have a productive 90% that would influence people around me rather than put them down.

If you know me, support me in this learning journey. Let’s develop together. Let’s inspire ourselves and people around us. I know for sure how destructive a small 10% of actions can be.


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