Does your friend really know you?

Talking to a friend, thinking that she/he knows you well and to your surprise the comments that are said relieve otherwise. Doubting your abilities, priorities and efforts towards the big plan and the future.

As a person, I like to plan ahead, but I have learned to have my plans flexible to adapt changes that might come along the way. It was suggested that I did not consider something that might happen in the near future, the introduction of someone into my life, someone who might affect most if not all my decisions. The thing that I thought of that time, and till this moment, is that: why consider someone’s effect on my life while that someone is not even real in my life till this moment. My plans are for the situation I am in now, if someone comes along the way, I will find a way to adjust and accommodate the required changes without compromising my priorities.

The confusion was due to the fact that this friend might have been thinking little of me, as a person with no plans or futuristic considerations. Not sure why is it affecting me the way it is, as I know myself and capabilities. As I have read recently, it is not the comment itself, it is rather the person who have spoken this comment.

My actions are part of a long chain reaction sequel. decisions I make are affected by external and internal influences: family, society and personal dreams and goals. Sometimes I wish to consider my dreams alone, but that is not the way I was raised, I am to be more considerate to the people around me; as their support is the fast track towards achieving my goals.

Life is about giving and taking.

Think about that for a moment. As for my lovely friends, you are Allah’s blessing to me, I’m glad to have you in my life. Yet, remember that your words can affect me a lot and turn me from being that confident person who is inspired by your support to this weak little girl that is unsure about everything around her.


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