Letters from the past 3

Staying in touch

In this speedy life we live in, it is some how hard to stay in touch with one another, whether family members or friend or even colleagues. Some people decide to concentrate on one scoop of people and keep in touch with them. It can be  a mixture of family and friends, but not all family and friends. This group might be just five of each and be with them all the time. But that does not mean leaving the rest, they might some how ask about them, to get their news from friends because to be in touch with everyone is something really hard if not impossible.

Unfortunately, some people expect us to be asking about them and at the same time we should not be expecting their call or question. Those people some how think that they are the centre of the world, they think that all people know about them and that everyone would be there for them and support them. The question is: Did they think of the way that people would know about them if the do not tell themselves?Are we magicians or do not we have anything better to do than following their news, do not we have a lives of our own?

Friends and family member do surprise us from times to time, good and bad. Alas, they might show up and support us and be there for us when we least expected. We wonder how do they know and feel shy because we did not ask about them that often or even ever asked about them. This type of actions make us realise who they are the ones that we can call close fiends and family.

As I mentioned earlier, some might surprise us in a bad way, such by saying bad things about us or maybe reveal a secrete that they were supposed to keep. In other words, they are two-faced to satisfy their gossiping selves and that might have developed because of envy or habit.

We should be careful with the people that we choose to keep in touch with and we should know our priorities and organise them. Also, consider the saying “Keep your friends closes and your enemies even closer”.


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