Social humour and me

Not sure if it is a personality thing or not, is it intelligence that i’m lacking or over acknowledging. With every passing day, I realise how much I am seeking the obvious, not trying to look at the underlying messages of conversations I’m having with people.

Being emotionally hurt more than once, directed me to think more logically. Thinking that being logical can spare me the pain in the future. Apparently I was mistaken, as pain followed me and I’m struggling to manage social relations.

I try to be democratic in my decisions and in the way I deal with people, but not sure why that is not working as I thought it would. I know one needs to be more political and find ways to communicate with other people, give them what they want to hear without compromising yourself, not an easy thing to do.

The issue is not just emotional, it is that when people say a joke, I take them seriously, thinking that they really mean what they are saying, while they are just trying to have a good time and fun. Sadly, some people know that about me and use it, in their words “they enjoy seeing me involved in a topic and even get mad”. I know that sounds bad, but it is my fault before anyone else, I gave them the opportunity.

Not all people would do that to me, but how am I to know, that is why I tend to be careful around all people. I rather be serious and then get the joke than being and acting  foolish to realise later that I was supposed to be serious about it.

For some reason i don’t get social humour 
Sometimes can’t tell if the person talking to me is joking or is for real


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