Am I just imagining it

Some told me I was paranoid, some said I’m just a big DRAMA QUEEN, while I told myself it could be hormone related feelings.

A friend once told me that it is becoming a habit, me searching for drama in my life. That I am not able to just sit back and enjoy things being nice and going well, I have to find the missing thing or point something to be wrong while it could be perfectly fine. Typing it, I think that can be true, also it can be that all my reactions are in place.

Tried my best to be as optimistic as I could, but something deep down is telling me :”it is too good to be true”. Why can’t I just be happy for myself while I got the ability to be happy for others.

The worse I felt so far was me too into myself, a little and I would actually believe my importance in the world. This feeling is driving me to notice people and their living pattern, now that I don’t have much to do and they are busy I’m feeling lonely. Not sure what is going, is it really what I said or are my feelings are for real? That people are avoiding me.

Typing my thoughts here ,made me realize how far I’ve walked from what I thought I would be: an optimist. That is something I need to work on: to improve as we are work on progress and got place for improvement.


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