Might come across as weak

I might come across as a weak doubtful person, but deep down I’m trying to figure things out, speaking myself out load. Not complaining or so, just thinking out load. Currently, I’ve got mixed emotions that people think I don’t have and actually think I need to worry no more. I’m trying to live the moment and enjoy it, I want someone to enjoy it with. Not that I want or expect anyone to understand, I’m just expressing myself

I’ve been told that I’m being negative, that I have achieved a lot and am done. But the thing is though I am done from the stage they are referring to, I still got more to do. Just stating the word for some of my friends gave them the feeling that I’m being negative, and would not be surprised if they thought I was not thankful enough for my achievement.

I’ve been known to be a drama queen for so long, not that I’m happy with this title, but I’m accepting it and trying to overcome it. Tough it is part of who I am, I need to control it. Which makes me think, if people who tag me with such a title don’t get it that I just like to vent? Then why the judgment? I think I’m making a big deal out of it, while I need to just let it go like other things. Life and the world doesn’t stop at one point, so should I.


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