Strange experience

I’ve been travelling for years and years, and this trip I just had was no different. I’ve been in + 6 hours trips before, to and from. For some reason this last trip back was not the same. Before landing I have experienced something that I have never experienced before, I felt that I was in danger, I feared for my life. I could feel some pain in my teeth, funny but that is how I felt, I felt the blood pressuring the veins  in my mouth, thought my tooth would pop from its place. Then the veins on both sides of my forehead felt as if they were expanding because of the the blood trapped there, mum told me that she feared the way my eyes looked, according to her they seemed to want to pop out of their places too. The pain in my head was too much, or rather I would like to say new to me, both the severity and type.

After landing with 10 minutes or so, I could feel the pain ease to almost zero. Just remembering the pain makes me appreciate the bless of not experiencing such pain and sensation before. Not being in such pain is a bless by itself. Some say that pain is what makes us human, is what differs us from robots. Generally, feelings are good but with control and some thought.


2 thoughts on “Strange experience

  1. Ouh, that doesn’t sound too good. Was there any reason like a bad pilot that made you fear the landing or was is just “happening”?

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