Not sure why did it bother me

I’ve known myself of being sensitive, but today I have exceeded my own expectations. I can tell from my eating habits. When I start running to sweets and comfort food that means something is bothering me, and for today I certainly know what. The things is I’m used to be criticised, but it is more about who and how I am criticised. For today, I felt offended, though I was not supposed to as it was not a criticism, it was rather like an advise. I took it too personal, and it is still bothering me. Could it be the age difference? or is it just the person? I don’t think it is the person, I think it is the age difference. I know advise does not need age difference, not that the older you are the wiser you get, it can be totally the other way around and I do know that. Again, it could be the tone, the words or the way this advise was formed in. I am not really sure. The thing I am sure of is that it is still bothering me. I know that the intention was not to bother me or embarrass me, or not? Trying to think the best and see the best in people with this doubting sounds in my head …. that is driving me crazy.


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