I LOVE you crazy

You read it right, I love you crazy, if not more. I might not have expressed it or acted upon it, but deep down I love you more than you can imagine, and I know as a fact that you love me back, even if you don’t act upon it all the time. Actually I know that some of your actions that one might not consider love is actually motivated by love.

For the rest of you who might started wondering who is this post talking about, I will scream out loud and say it: I LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY AND MORE MUM!!!

It is always been argued that the mother is the one who raises not brings birth, but what about the one who did both!! I know and can only imagine how hard it was and is for her. Being a girl, and as some friends have told me, a sensitive one my mum is even more sensitive than I am which makes it even harder for her. I can see in her eyes the things that she wants to say, yet I hear the opposite sometimes. For me, because I know her very well, I know what she means, but for someone who would not know her would be surprised with her actions then her later words, might consider her as a contradicting person.

Mum, I love you, and wish I can always be up to you expectations, and I know your standards are high. One day I will make you proud mum, I am working on it everyday and hope that I already made you proud even if it were for a short time. You have sacrificed a lot for me and my sister. I know that, even if sometimes I act ungrateful, just know that deep down I am  grateful and thank Allah for the blessing of having you as my mother.

When you are angry, you say things that drive me crazy, and I don’t know if you were just venting out or really mean it. If you were venting out then that’s fine, I will be worried for a while then will be fine. But if you really mean what you said, then I am to blame for sure, and I want you to know that I am working on improving myself to raise to your expectations and standards, to be the daughter that you dreamt of having.


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