Things that I have learned part 2

This part is about my journey with nutrition. Well like a lot of you people, good nutrition is the goal, yet it is not that easy at least for people who want to get into this habit of good nutrition.

Here is how I started, not sure if my method is widely spread, CALORIES counting. All that mattered to me is that I did not exceed certain number of calories per day. Conceptually, that is an easy thing to do… or so I thought. This was a short journey. Then I started with type of food I am eating, minimising my carbohydrate intake from things such as bread, rice and pasta. That journey lasted bit longer but was really hard and couldn’t go there again. Then there was the phase of calories counting and protein intake awareness… you guessed it, this journey was again short.

I started even considering protein shakes for almost 2 months, then stopped it. The longest journey was after that phase, back to calories counting but with a twist. It was not just number of calories I have eaten, it was the type of calories I’m eating. I can have 2 Twix bars which is around 240 calories or Ice-cream with even higher calories intake OR I can take a really big bowl of vegetables that would come close to the Twix or Ice-cream. But with the vegetables I would have taken some carbohydrates, even less sugar, some salt, some fat and maybe even some protein and all are they type that my body requires.

What do I mean with they type that my body requires? Well, I don’t know the right term, but I mean that would almost natural only sources of the above mentioned, not that processed. If we look at the sweets I mentioned, yes amazing and I love them like crazy, but what did they give my body? Mainly sugar, maybe tiny tiny bit of protein because of the milk in them.

Base line is: as with workouts it is not just the food/calories it is about the type of food you are consuming. One needs somehow a balanced nutrition that respects your body needs. If you lift and you want to build up consider proteins to be your main intake, if you want to lean I think I heard minimise fat and carbohydrate and even protein. Maybe follow a 1200 calories diet. Keep an eye on the count and type, after all quality and quantity are related in this equation.


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