Things that I have learned part 1

Hi all…

This part I will share the things that I have learned in my journey with working out. It might not be a lot, might even be very little for some.

I used to think number of reps I can do determine how good I was, then I thought it was how fast I could run. mmmm Then it was how long could I take in a cardio workout.. HIIT … insanity … TurboFire ext… Then I got to the phase of static workout and things like: plank, side plank and ski squat

I heard it over and over: fitness does not determine your flexibility (not even the other way around) though they can influence one another. Also, I heard about the benefits of lean muscles …

At first, and up to recently, I couldn’t understand the lean muscles part, when anyone says muscles I get off, don’t want to be a girl with muscles. Here is the thing, I learned that normally girls don’t get muscly like men unless they took something and lifted really really heavy weight.

Also I learned that cardio is good for burning some of those calories and little of the fat you aim to get rid of. Also having some resistance training/ weight lifting within reason can help with those lean muscles that would help you in your cardio. Finally there are stretches, something that I don’t take serious enough. Stretches can help minimise the pain one can get after working really hard.

Hope this post had a nice insight, and would so much welcome any thoughts that can improve readers’ knowledge.


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