Helping people?

I believe that what goes around comes around. Personally I have experienced the effect of that theory. Been a while that I was approached for help, and when it happens it would be to ask for directions. But recently I have experienced a different request. I was about to cross the street, the weather was not that nice was somehow windy, and an old man holding the traffic light for balance. The old man was explaining to some girl something, I didn’t hear what they were talking about somehow I was in my own bubble. The girl looked at me and asked me if I could help the old man cross the street, personally I was surprised because she could have done that herself. Anyhow, I agreed to that, and the man explained to me the reason he asked for help is not because he is not capable of crossing the street alone, it was because of the weather that is preventing him from crossing the street. He feared he would be blown hard and fall.

The point of this post is even though I might not get back immediately for what I did, the moment I did it I felt good. Hearing gratitude and appreciation for my action, I think for now and for a good while ahead, this is more than just satisfying.

Helping others gives sense of satisfaction and relief.


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