Things I miss

Been in this nostalgic state for the past couple of days, remembering things, memories where I was happy, sad, confused and even excited. One thing was common between all those memories: I had good friends who I have shared these memories with. Sadly, I am not in contact with all of these friends are. Yet, that does not mean I am not to remember them. Friends are friends after all.

I miss talking to some friends …..

I miss being in the same room with some other friends …

I miss just picking up the phone and calling that friend … just to say nothing .. and in some cases say everything and making no sense at all

I miss writing my thoughts and feelings and sharing it with my friends ,,, well very selective friends

I miss listening to my friends, while they share with me their thoughts and feelings, considering me their thought safe

I miss waking up knowing that I will be meeting some of my friends and spend some times together

With all those things that I miss, I am not sure if I will be able to get such memories again. Some might say it is doable. Theoretically, it can be done. Life teaches us a lot of things, makes us meet new friends leading us to create new memories. New memories that has friends to share it with, might be the same old friends or maybe some new ones.

Not sure anymore if I am making any sense, my thoughts are just speeding up and going all over the place as memories are speeding even faster and rushing into my brain increasing my heart rate.


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