Used to be, but now it is different ??!!

I remember a time when I was close to one of my aunts, I don’t know what happened, but one can say life. The thing that I remember is that she approached me, tried to be close to me, as in to gain my trust. That worked for a while, then things changed. I feel now that we are as far as could be after we were close. Not sure what really happened, if it life or something else. Surely nothing changes just like this with no apparent reason, yet I can be just avoiding the main reason and denying it.

The good thing that came out of this change is that I am some how compared to before closer to my parents, talk to them more, confine in them instead of talking to anyone, though aunts are not considered anyone.

The thing that provoked this post? nothing really, just a passing thought. I guess I was a different person then, and if so, I hope I did not change to someone I was abiding to be, meaning that I hope I have changed to being a better person.

As I always try to remind myself: I am a work on progress.


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