Smile Miss

It was a nice sunny Sunday with a light cold breeze. Went for a walk, but forgot my sunglasses. As I was going back home, a homeless man looked at me the same time that the sun’s rays were attacking me and said “smile miss” he said that with a smile on his face, I tried to but the sun was in my eyes. I looked at him and said “It is the sun’s ray …” then I paused after seeing his smile and smiled. He said “yes miss smile” again while he himself smiling. My smile just became wider and I thanked him as I walked on my way. 

Not that I want to be over detailed, but actually with this small gesture from that simple person, my day was affected positively. Why we tend not to appreciate those little things around us: a smile that we can smile, a thank you that we can say, a pause to enjoy the view while we can, a pause to smell the coffee as we pass a coffee shop again while we can and some other small things that we either take for granted or did not experience before. 


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