With the start of a new academic year, new things happen, well at least are expected to happen. Every year before I start a new academic year, I get all tense and worry a lot for that I do not know what to expect, if there was anything to expect. 

Personally, I find change something somehow difficult to take and adjust to, yet I try to convince myself that I can do it and that I have been through change before. Things are easier said than done, that I know for sure. Also, I have been told that I proved couple of time that I can manage change nicely.

When I say change it refers to friends, atmosphere, new students, attitudes, location and personal mental status. Yes I did say mental status, for that with stress I feel that I become this strange person, that I can not even recognise. Actually now that I have written this so far, I think change has developed me to who I am, the person who is conflicted with and by change. For that I do thank change for its gift: change!!   



So CHANGE!! Ready or not, here I come !! 😀


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