Friendship and Expectation

Who am I to expect something from you? All we are to one another is that we are friends. Though yes friendship is an important bond, yet it has levels that reflect involvement and depth. The thing is that depth is subjective when it comes to friendship boundaries, as what one part feels done not match the other part’s feeling and interpretation of this relation.
I am not ungrateful for all the support I got, yet I am not to expect it as a must. Not that I took it for granted, but for some reason felt it was what I am to expect. Here was my mistake! For again! Who am I to expect things from people around me!? Also who are they so I would have expectations from them?
All the things my friends have done are out of their kind heart, not because I requested it or they were told to do something to me. I am greatful, and tried and am trying to express my gratefulness in person as much as I can. That is the least that I can do.
On the other side of it all, if you, my friend, had expectations that I was away from I apologies, but seems like we are not on the same page. If you think I have changed, well maybe that’s tyre and maybe I just got busy or think you are busy and did not want to interrupt.

After writing my thoughts out here and now, I recalled something a dear friend once advised me with: be clear and get to the point.
Maybe if I did that, expectations would be realistic and I would know who am I to expect, and actually know what to expect because boundaries would be know for both parts.


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