If I do not Write does not mean I do not Care

If I do not write about it, it does not mean I do not think about it. Some thoughts I feel are best kept inside your mind. My words might/ most likely will not be heard. Not that I am only one person, but it is because of that reason and much more …

Reading the news, being upset, emotionally affected and feeling helpless that there is nothing I can do. Like  lots of people who post about the news, I get tempted, then I think to myself “what good am I doing these people in the news with me posting?” Or am I wrong, and actually my extra share or repost or retweet might have made a difference? Then I go across some sarcastic caricatures describing social media interaction as hypocrisy and useless, judging people who just write as bragging people not sincere and I think “I do not want to be part of that”

Though I am talking about myself here, my thoughts are engaged with other things, different cases. No individual is the centre of the world. Yet every individual has the right to deal with news around him/her the way they see fit. Writing and posting about the news is one way, and the opposite (being quite and praying silently) is another.

No one has the right to judge anyone else’s actions. Though actions are what we see, yet we do not know what people think or feel. No one is perfect, we all do mistakes, we all have our own problems and issues, we are all work in progress.

I have been judged all my life, for things I have done and things that I have not done. Also I have , sadly, judged people for things that they have said and done AND did not say or do.

Bottom point is, what I write and say expresses the things that I want to share with people. Sometimes I feel that I need to be an audience and keep quite as sharing a topic would not add value to it and might show me as a persons who goes with the flow rather than being sincerely concerned with the topic.


2 thoughts on “If I do not Write does not mean I do not Care

  1. I agree that there are different methods to show you care and to try and help with this situation (and that anything given is good!), however, my personal belief is that some methods are better than others. I’m constantly asking myself what I can do to help, and if simply sharing posts and blogging will help at all. I came to the decision that promoting awareness like this, is not only forcing people out of ignorance into realising what is going on around them, but also showing support for those caught in this crossfire. If just one person is remotely comforted by finding a blog or shared post, however small,l then that is an achievement.

    1. I agree with you, after posting this I thought of ignoring the other side: the one that might judge me bad if i shared….
      But I think the damage mysids is done, been judged by my closest friends harshly for not sharing anything … thinking that I’m living my life in another planet …..

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