I am not perfect

What bothers me is that some people I know, and placed someplace high, are so far away from where I have placed them. I feel sick, and that the respect and appreciation I gave them…. they were not worth it.

I know that no one is perfect, specially me, but at least I like to think that I try not to go totally bad. I know the world does not revolve around me, yet I can judge no one but me, for I do not have the right to judge others. But when one goes on treating people who are close differently then face them all with the same attitude, as if they did nothing wrong??!! That is sick, really sick. I asked myself if they were aware of their actions, but they are not kids, and some of their repetitive actions are obvious.

If it were not for the sensitivity of the situation, I would have just went to them and said it to their faces: I am not forgiving you for hurting the most important person in my life!! You have crossed the line long time ago but not you just smashed it!!

For people who know me, they have heard me say over and over again that I do not keep grudges and that I forgive, but that when it relates to my personal matters not when it relates to someone I care about.

From knowing those people, even if they read this, they would ignore it because of their pride. If I told them to their faces, they would turn the table around and make me guiltily. Well, I am going to say it again: I AM NOT PERFECT, BUT I AM TRYING NOT TO BE TOTALLY BAD!!!


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