Fear of Writing

This fear is haunting me for a long time. When ever I want to start writing something new, I get stuck and find myself running away from writing, though I like the idea of writing and expressing myself. Yet the type of writing that I’m afraid of is academic writing. Such a sad thing, really. The ideas in my head are clear and organised, but the moment that I open a new Word page and want to start writing, they all get scrambled and hectic mess is all over the place. Can’t get one idea to its original place, before I thought of writing.
I am not sure why do I have this fear, but what I know is that I need to deal with it and get over it as soon as possible. Some told me that this is a normal thing, part of the writing process. What I tell myself (as a way to comfort myself) failure is the start of success, after all, Adison found 99 ways not to do light bulbs and one way to do it. Meaning it is how you look at your circumstances.
Reminding myself that being positive had worked in the past, why not apply it now, it might actually work.


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