Respect!!! Something that can take you ages to build yet a moment to ruin. 

People’s standards are different and the way they react to people’s actions varies accordingly. Not sure if it appropriate to state the steps I take towards people when it comes to morals such as respect. I wanna mention the big lines not to brag but to get feedback and share. 

I know there is a saying “fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me”. It is not much about fooling, it is about if you broke my trust or acted weird, or sen an action that I would consider unacceptable yet I don’t feel that it is right to give one chance only, not even three chances. Sometimes we can be unclear as to our intentions, and our communication with one another can get blurry. That’s why I think it depends on the situation and the age of the relationship. Maybe it would not go as it was originally, but I don’t think I would scratch it form my memory as it never existed. I know the scars will be deep down, yet my care might not change at all. 

That bit scares me, I know that is me, but I also know that some people don’t even give that first chance even if I deserved it. 

I feel I lost respect for some people, at least that is how they are acting, and I can’t just go and ask for it would be foolish and I might just get a polite answer

Respect!!! Need to get myself back together and my place back on track. 

Yes I care, yes there is still value in the relationship we got, yet it is not worth me feeling un-respected by you, so till I feel right, I might act strange to you. If you read this then you would know what is going on with me, if not then you would either wonder or totally ignore…… 


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