Me Time ideas #2

Something you can do indoors or outdoors is to have a run away location. It can be as big as a garden and as small as a specific chair. It is  where you can sit and feel safe, engulfed and secure. Going to such a place alone with no interruption for a short time as 10 minutes or to even longer time (no limits).

being in that state of mind can be helpful, also can be mentally tiring, that all depends on where do you take your thoughts to. Yet, it is not a bad idea to seek such a place for your comfort and sense of security.

Personally I got one in the house and another outdoors, sadly I do miss the outdoor one and not sure what will do when I relocate, though I might not be going to my outdoor location often, but knowing that it is there for me comforts me.

try it, trying would not harm


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