The Idea of “ME” Time

I remember talking to my friends before, let’s say 6 years ago or more, about the idea of me time, and that I miss having it. The truth was I was trying my best to have it at least once a week, then became desperate to have it once  a month, then once every other month!!

The common thing between me and my friends was that we agreed that we DO need such a time, a time where we dedicate our attention to ourselves. Young & Twenty had it as a point in her list of how to reduce stress & anxiety I quote :

Make ‘You’ Time. Meditation and deep breathing is said to be a very effective way to eliminate anxiety. However, if you’re not interested in learning those methods, there are still ways to make a positive use of ‘you’ time. Designate a few minutes (either in the morning at night) and sit with your eyes closed. Listen to music that makes you happy or simply sit in silence and go over your thoughts. Ensure that all thoughts are positive and reflect on the day you will have or the day you had. Creating a positive mindset will make an undeniable impact on how you see the world.

People might call it different things, but the fundamental concept is the same. The past year and so, I became more aware of my need to such a time, and try to have at least 5 minutes a day, and it can go up to 30-45 minutes a day sometimes (if it was once a week). The benefits I get are related to my sanity and health, and as Young&Twenty mentioned to the level of stress.

If you are interested in knowing some of the things I tried, and my friends keep your eyes on the blog every now and then. Even some of the ideas in the quote will be discussed. Again if you got a thought that you want to share, you are more than welcomed


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