Weird feeling yet beautiful

Weird feeling yet beautiful

As I walked towards it I felt my heart beating fast, I felt like the little teenager I was once, excited to go to her favourite place to see what she was waiting for. I even felt like a five years old kid who will get his favourite game. I know it might sound ridicules to some of u if not all.
I even started smiling as my heart started pounding and thought I could not only feel it but also hear it.
As I saw it I wanted to run underneath its shadows. Well that’s close to what I did, I walked excited towards it, laid under it, looking up at its branches and leaves as it let some sun streams creep through.
The feeling that I get every time I think about this tree, I can’t explain. It brings me this positive vibes that I can’t explain, yet enjoy and love. The things that hurt me now is that I might need to keep distance from it for a while, as it is consuming my thoughts and mind.
Such a beautiful place to sit by, don’t want to leave but I have to.


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