Not sure what to say … I think Thank you is the start!

I felt like writing, not know what this would be about. For me this blog is somehow like my public diary… not sure if I would call it that, for it does not have that intimate details all the time, but most I would say … I think


Well, I know I have said this before, but I am blessed with the friends that I got in my life. I mean not just blessed to know them, or have them in my life, but actually for their support and expressions. I am not just blessed and taking it for granted. I do appreciate their existence in my life, and try , or think that I try enough, to express my appreciation. Not sure how my life would have been without every single one of them. I mean there is no such a thing as a mistake friend. Everyone comes in our lives, or leaves it in a matter of fact, for a reason. There is nothing absolute, everything happens for a reason and because a reason. The trick is to actually identify the positive things that can help us improve ourselves. When I say improve ourselves, I do not mean it in a selfish way, but when you improve yourself, that improvement reflects on your behaviour with and towards other people.


Reading what I have written so far load I feel that I might not be having any sense. As I mentioned earlier, I am not sure what this piece would be about, also this blog is somehow my public diary, so I’m used to have this messy diary as a teenager, and somehow that what a diary meant to me ever since.


To conclude the whole babbling :

I am blessed with my friends, the one who just came into my life, the ones I know for a little while, the ones I’ve known for a long time and even the ones that for one reason or another not in contact with anymore (or left my life).

I appreciate everything you have done, or might do in the future. Maybe I don’t say it enough or express it enough or act that I do appreciate you, but I do and I am trying to express it better.


Thank you my friends, each and everyone of you. Hope I am as good a friend to you as you are to me, that I got positive influence on you, and if not hope I didn’t have a bad one :S


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