Matter of Opinions

Had an interesting talk today with my Chinese medicine lady. Conceptually, I wanted to do reflexology, for some reason it turned out to be something I need to do at home then an accuphncour session. Well, so far that is fine with me, not that my shoulders are feeling any better.

She was surprised with my age, and with the fact that I am still single, baring in her mind my cultural background. O! Yeah I forgot to mention that she is not in favour of any religion, believes that religion is poison. When talking, she implied and stated that opinion, and I responded “that is your opinion” in a tone that stated that I respect your thought but I don’t agree. I was there for a reason, to run away from some pain, and was not there as a qualified person to give advise. All I was able to do was to state my personal thoughts and opinion, in return she respects my opinion and found it interesting.

We also spoke about the subject of love, and that choosing the right person for love not for other reasons (not culture or family). Again, she found my response interesting… not going to state my opinion here, will keep it for myself, and if you know me you might know what is it, and if you don’t and wanna know you can simply ask me.

give you a hint: I believe in first sight love, and I don’t believe that it actually exists :p

The most interesting part of it all for me was that she stated surprise that I am working to get my higher education degree and am still young.. she reminded me of something I heard couple of time from people back home: I was accused to have prioritised my studies over me getting married… personally I don’t see the connection, again if you do see the clear connection that I don’t enlighten me.


Would be nice and a change to get some feedback and negotiate these interesting points I went through today


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