Who am I to judge you!?

Once a friend wanted to tell me something, but before that I was told “I’m going to tell you, but I don’t want you to judge me”. The thing is, who am I to judge anyone, special with the age we are in, me and my friends. We are not young kids, we are grown ups who know what is good for us. Also, how can I judge someone even if I knew very well when I don’t want to be judge according to a singular action. Who we are is a combination of multiple actions, days, weeks, months and years of experiences that we went through. So how can one action determine who we are, that doesn’t sound right. I think that I have kept those thoughts for a while that I feel like poring them all out. There is the fact that: yes! I might have done/am doing something wrong, yet I might be also doing more and more good things. Or is it: one apple does spoil the whole bunch ?!

We all have our own standards, our own perfect personalities/people in our imagination/reality. Yet we ourselves are not fully perfect, no one can be, that is just how it is. Therefore, I believe that we are not to judge people. Again I am not perfect, I do tend to judge people, but try my best to not let my judgement affect the principle I got: everyone is innocent till proven otherwise.

To all my friends, if I ever gave you the sense that I have judge you, or actually acted upon such an action, do forgive my action. It is not an intentional thing, I am human, and I do mistakes, yet I do try my best to improve, with your help in pointing out things that contradicts with what I once said I would be doing. Your support (sounds better than help) is what helped me before and achieved a lot with it, and hopefully will keep on achieving more with you all by my side (metaphorically and actually).


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