Raynaud’s Phenomenon …..

Where to start…. I think I can start around late April 2012. Wow! That sounds long ago, yet not that long ago. Around that time I developed what is called “Raynaud’s phenomenon/disease ” and it was something new for me, it is related to the cold weather here in the UK. Well maybe the people who know me would ask how come then, after 3 years from me being in the UK. I had the same question, specially that April is not winter and the weather was some how nice. The first time was weird, then started to scare me when I experienced it more than once, not knowing what it was then. I went to the GP and was told what it was, and that it is somehow a phenomenon that is known to be amongst female more, and is related to the weather and stress. So I told myself: first you had IBS and now this, interesting. Yes, both are emotional targeted.

Let me start with a referenced definition to what is this phenomenon/disease:

1. Raynaud’s syndrome is a mysterious and distressing disease where the small blood vessels of the fingers or toes go into spasm unpredictably, causing numbness and then pain, and then dilate to give equally painful red skin.
2. The condition occurs because your blood vessels go into a temporary spasm which blocks the flow of blood. This causes the affected area to change colour to white, then blue and then red as the blood flow returns.

3.Raynaud’s phenomenon is a common disorder in which the small blood vessels in the extremities are over-sensitive to changes in temperature. It affects between 3-20% of the adult population worldwide, mainly females and there may be as many as ten million sufferers in the UK. Raynaud’s is most commonly found in females and approximately 10% of women in the UK suffer from Raynaud’s to some degree.


These are some definitions I found, and yes I knew what it means the moment I left the GP’s clinic. From the things I tried are: wearing gloves almost having them in my bag everyday. having warmer things, the ones that you click something and they warm… warmer pads  Lately I noticed that placing my hands under hot water and just act as if I was washing my hands helps as well and faster effect compared to the warmer pads.

From the things I have noticed, I do experience this phenomenon in winter, but they become worse and more often spring time… don’t know why. Lately I have experienced it that both hands, four fingers in each hand, and even worse, I experienced it when I was out of the house and tried my best to get home quick to notice that my fingers are turning blue/purple.


The whole thing about me writing about this is to share it with other people who might be experiencing it and tell them: you are not alone. I am not that old, yet I am experiencing it. On the other hand, if this post came across someone who knows nothing about it, then that person learned something new.


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