Why not try something new

The other day I decided to change my day flow, so though of starting it with a proper breakfast at this new Cafe I saw recently. I thought it would not be that bad, if the breakfast was not that good at least their coffee would. What I came to think later on after finishing was: that’s the best decision I took to start my day!

I went to U F Coffee, it is small, yet cozy and the food was good, and yes even the coffee. So one can say it was a win win for me.

Looking at the place from a designer’s point of view, it was a conversion of a house, yet there were those small touches that made the place nice. It was simple, yet not plain, just the kind of design that I like. 

Funny thing is that when they were preparing the place I passed to ask if they had any wifi in, and they don’t. But after finishing my meal and so I realised that this was the reason for me liking the place, it was to some degree a pause time from technology ( I had my phone on silent as well). I think one needs such a break every now and then.



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