Mental control

I’ve been told over and over again to be extra careful when looking into new things, and not to believe them… don’t they have enough faith to know that I am actually just curious and not doubting what I know and what I stand for?

If you were wondering what am I talking about, well here is the thing. I got curiosity into what people know compared to what I do. That is a big thing indeed. I don’t mean everything they know against everything I know. Going to simple things. As a kid, and to date, I like to listen to and read stories, and sometimes write my own. What is more interesting than knowing about the past? Not just knowing, but also learning about it and from it in some occasions if not most.

On Saturday night I was watching TV, preparing myself to sleep, and there was a show about stories from the Bible. As a Muslim, I know most of the prophets stories from the Holy Quran. Yet deep down inside me, I was curious to know what other Holy books wrote about them as well, not that I am doubting anything I learned and read, but actually for the sake of knowledge and curiosity.

the TV series was called “The Bible” and that day it was about the story of David. Sadly I was too tired to actually watch it. Yet the idea is really tempting, even if I didn’t get the chance to watch the show , which just started on Channel 5 (UK), as an idea of knowing, to know what people know about the past, and try to see how it fits with what I know. Not affecting or getting affected by this new knowledge.


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