Between facts and opinions

Wasn’t sure what to give this as a title. The past couple of weeks I’ve been reading tweets such as “learn with us how to do your dissertation the right way” “learn the right way of research” ext.. I know there are lots of publications, books and articles and other types of publications, that talk about research, dissertation, thesis and paper writing. They  talk about how to write them, what to consider, how to thing like a researcher, and what type of researcher you need to be in regarding this type of topics that one might be interested in.

What made me write today is the feeling deep down inside, the voice that was asking “is there a RIGHT and WRONG way in research?” I know there are some fundamentals that one needs to know, I am not arguing with that. my argument is that why title what ever you are trying to deliver using these words, for me they are subjective, not objective. What is right for one person is not necessary right for the other. We are all researchers, and each have their own way of conducting their research following some GUIDELINES.

I know one might say: well it is a way to sell what is written, for when one starts their research journey they seek the right way in order to avoid lots of work, thinking that there is a short cut in research journeys.

There is not shortcuts, yet there is focus which can help in eliminating unnecessary distractions. That is my opinion, not a fact!


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