6th day of the one week sweet challenge

6 is close to 7! WoooW! Yes I’m craving for sweets but small portion not a big box of sweets. Though I’m away from chocolates and candies, yet my eating habits still needs some work. One step at a time.
It is not easy to control eating habits and diet with winter already here.
I’m already planning what I’m having on Monday, sweets, loooool.
Thought of bread one week challenge but don’t think I can do it, I know I’ll crack from the third day max. Bread includes rice and pasta, I don’t think I’m up to such a challenge, at least not yet.


2 thoughts on “6th day of the one week sweet challenge

  1. Well done sweetie! I am assuming that Sunday went well too 🙂 I have rewarded myself with two chocolate bars after competition, but I’m back on the ‘good path today’ . It’s interesting how you say that you couldn’t live without bread, because I was once exactly the same- during my childhood, as a family of three, we used to go through a loaf a day. A year ago I discovered that I am wheat intolerant and had to change my approach dramatically. I still miss it and occasionally succumb to the temptation and suffer for it later, but overall I think that you kind of get used to things… no bread included.

    1. Oooo yeah it did
      Posting about it and about today in a while
      About bread I know with bit commitment and faith I can do anything I mean I stopped fizzy drinks after I thought it was impossible

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