another reflection

depress, feeling down

is all my soul feels

right now, right here

depress, willing to blow

is all my soul feels

right here, right now

this second, this moment

no one to talk to

no one to tell how I feel

how much I’m depress

all alone, bored

willing to blow

and getting nothing %^&ing else

That was something I wrote again in 2000 or so… I remember it used to reflect my teenage days, also some of my friends and teenage family members thought it reflected how they felt.

The thing is reading it now makes me worry about the person I once was, why did I feel this way. Was it just part of being a teenager? I’m no psychologist but I know that I am glad that I moved away from that level of negative feeling.

Filling my time with hobbies and social life, even if it was digital, is better than letting such ideas crawl into my mind. Again writing was my way to express my thoughts and get over them, seems the plan worked, though might have taken longer time than I expected.


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