Reflecting on old memories

I have written this sometime in 200 I think …. Now looking back at the things I wrote then it is somehow interesting. I knew that then I was in the dramatic mood, where I felt like a victim, but now I know for sure that I had the key out of my victim mental status and there is no one else to blame for that but me, I was the attacker as I was the victim

This short thing I wrote has one point that I believe, no one else better to ask for assistance and help and power other than Allah. That is for sure a personal opinion of mine which I believe to be true. When asking someone else it is more of asking for a favour or showing weakness, and for me I am a person who doesn’t like to be weak, though people might say that is not true and that I tend to show my weak side a lot.

I was young, and now I am glad that I did write who I felt then and also for keeping it hidden to remind myself with how I was then and the feelings I had then. An interesting enlightening experience.

بكيت دمعي … شكيت همي … وزعت شكواي

لكن ما حدن معي في دنياي

كل مشغول في دنياه

يلعب ويتعب … يشكي ويرتاح

ما لي غير ربي

لين ضاقت بي الدنيا … وما لقيت احد اشكي له

ولا احد يسمعني …. ولا احد يمسح دمعي… ما لي غير الرحمن الرحيم

غفار الذنوب … الواسع الكريم…. والشكوى لله


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