Am I the only one

Is it me or it happens to everyone!!?? Whenever I think that I found a good idea to write about I end up finding some reference that talks about the same topic and almost what I am writing about. I know some might say that this is a good thing, you get to reference this person in your work and maybe later would help your work to be found and be referenced. The thing is whenever that happens to me I tend to pause and think that whatever I am writing is not worthy continuing.

We can have ten people talking about the same topic, each would be viewing it differently, I know that. Yet, I need more confident in my work to be able to proceed with the work I am doing. Deep down I believe that my work can be distinguish like and even better than some other published work. Not about being over confident, but motivational talk I give to myself.

Baby steps, one after the other, is what I am trying to do. Maybe writing this post is the first step I am taking to help me proceed working on what I was writing, and eventually create something that would make me more confident with myself and most importantly my work.



One thought on “Am I the only one

  1. Like you mentioned, I think that even if you are writing about the same topic as other people it will be different. I think that if you are inspired to write about something you should just do it regardless if other people have written about it. It will have your unique spin on it which will set it apart from other people’s writing. šŸ™‚

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