So I Thought

The thoughts in  my head are racing from one thought to another. Don’t know where to start or when to stop. From the things that I thought I was good at is understanding people, but at the end I noticed that I keep on falling into the same trap over and over again. I over estimate people’s worth… True I have considered that there might have been some sort of miscommunication between us, or they might be going through some issues that I don’t know about that is why they are acting the way they are. I mean I do watch a lot of mystery shows, I need to remember some of those scenarios and try to be as much as possible considerate, but not on the account of myself and health.

Being blessed with friends who know how to show the strong part of me, support me and remind me where and how to proceed to get over the small things that might b in front of me. I soooo want to thank them and hope they pass by this blog, because with them I was able to continue, because of them I am strong. Thank you! That’s the least that I can say, the feelings inside my heart can’t be expressed in words.



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