DIY Inspiration: Punk Goth

I don’t normally reblog but liked this one ….

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The DIY movement stems from the punk goth community. Since people couldn’t find something that fit their style, they just made it! Whether or not you’re a fan of the punk goth style, you have to give them credit for creating such a push for the craft community! Here are some easy DIYs that embrace that gothic punk look and vibe!

Bleached Black

Bleach Pattern Tights DIY

These tights are so edgy, and simple to make yourself! Just grab a pair of opaque black tights, a bleach pen, and start doodling! For lighter colors go over your design with the bleach pen multiple times, and place a piece of cardboard inside of the tights to prevent the bleach from crossing over to the other side.

A Piercing Piece

Punk Goth Statement Necklace with Safety Pins

This necklace from Sorelle in Style is so easy to make! Just grab a beaded necklace, some safety pins, and a yard of chain!


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