Religion and Culture, different yet bit alike

When I woke up this morning, my dream was still around roaming in my head. This dream is somehow related to my research, not the core but a small part that cannot be neglected. It was about an European female who was with her son who were excited about the mother’s decision; she wanted to convert into Islam. In the dream, I was passing by, and overheard the conversation, and since we are in Haj (pilgrimage) month, she wanted to go and do it, out of excitement.
Again within my dream I felt something deep down inside me to congratulate her and give her a piece of advice before she leaves, which was not welcomed by the person who was accompanying them. I approached her and her young son, congratulated them both then told her: “just remember that there is a difference between culture and religion”. That is what I remember Fromm the dream when I woke up.
The idea of converting is really nice, but the burden that I would feel if I was responsible in that process is unbearable and scary. These days some of the actions that we do is a result of cultural norms, even of they started as a religious duties. The way sometimes people do because they saw their parents do it, who actually also saw their parents do. The action itself might be something different but with the same name, but because of norms and so it was transformed to what it is like these days. Some of these norms do not harm and actually good habits and actions, yet some might be over doing the action itself.
Religion shaped the culture and now that culture is affecting how religion looks like to the world.

20131014-055416 am.jpg
This is taken from (

Like in many blog posts around the world, and some newspaper reports and articles, I am just pointing out the difference between those two terms; religion and culture. They might seem much alike but actually the first helped in shaping the other while the other was part of representing the first. Therefore, it is not fair to judge a religion according to the cultural picture. Also, it is important to remind people with the difference between the two. In an ideal world the second is a transparent reflection of the first, but we are in a normal not an ideal world, at least for now.


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