Memory lost on purpose

Had some alone Me time, something I needed to do. Had a walk, recalled the blessings I got, pushing away the negative thoughts. A smile was drawn on my face, and all the memories that made me sad and ill were erased.
Thanks to my friends for being around and patient with me and giving me power all the time
I was looking for a cure other than the one I knew, and all the time it was here: lose the memories that made you ill!

Thought to myself why not use the alternative cure I know of! Took some time distracting myself away from all the things that bothered me and worried me. After a while I decided it was time to confront myself with all those thoughts and emotions and wants I got running here and there inside my head.

Yes!! I want to forget this point, but I want to try first one more time. Yes!! I don’t want to walk that road, but one last time.

Yes!! I want time to go back and as if I never walked those steps, but there were those moments that make me smile when I remember the steps I took.

My mind is contradicting itself over and over again. This contradiction is not bad, at least I got the guts to confront myself and try to be subjective towards my own issues… to some extent with lots of BIAS!!!

The confusion and un-organised traffic of thoughts in my head is making me not think straight or write clear. Seems baby steps is where I’m starting the road towards clearness of thought.

The road towards clearness of thought.. collection  of life... events and memories

The road towards clearness of thought.. collection of life… events and memories

The first step for me was to apologise from the people that I feel that I did wrong, though I know sorry as a word is not enough. Then I started writing down the things that I want to forget, the concept is to write it as if I am doing print… not a nice way to compare oneself to an electronic machine.  Those two steps are done so far and seem that their affect is good so far


3 thoughts on “Memory lost on purpose

  1. Beautiful. Inspiring walk it was im sure and needed. We need to be brave to confront ourselves with love not blame and make peace to attract the best. Love u

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