Research Journey

The journey in mind is not what have happened to me and so. No, that would require a daily diary :p as I am a DRAMA QUEEN and like to magnify anything and everything that I go through. The journey here is the one that the research itself is going though. Now that I have said it, they somehow seem alike and the same, but no they are not.

I’m in this stage where I got my DATA, and it is time to analyse it…. yes this is the word that scares me these days…. somehow I am trying to run away from it…. not that I am sure of what I am doing, but the contrary I’m so not sure of what is supposed to be done. You know what is the funny part? The funny thing is that if you were to ask me what is supposed to be done I would be able to tell you and explain it all. Now what am I not working and getting over this fear? Don’t know.

There are lots of interesting references about DATA collecting and analysing, the trick is to know which to select and use. Yet more importantly is to start by understanding what is written, for that titles can be misleading and that can be due to the field the book is written for and in.


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