Where did the hurt start

Is it us hurting people around us? Or is it them hurting us? Or we are both hurting one another? Oooo! Wait! Who started it all?
One question at a time from the bottom to top, I think. Depends on your personality you would answer it, if you got an over confident personality and sure you don’t do people wrong, it would be them who started it. Yet, if you got a self-judging personality, you would start by blaming yourself even if it was not your fault. Sometimes it is not who started it but rather on the reactions and actions that followed.
According to that one can answer the other questions, who hurts who. It is all affected by perception and speculations. There is no right or wrong answer because we also have priorities as a major affecting factor on people’s lives and actions.
What I’m trying to get to is that don’t worry about who started or so, don’t dwell in the past, instead try to take the point you are on as a starting point for something totally beautiful, amazing and magnificent!


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