Adopting New Habits

Not going to generalize this, for that almost nothing in this world character related can be generalized. Personally I see that looking back at the things that I have went through, the things that I have done and see if I can improve myself in any aspect. Self-development is something that I try to do, not sure of the efficiency of my efforts. One way for me is to adopt new habits that can help me overcome some habits that I am trying to leave. Yes it is as it sounds, one in a place of the other.

No one is perfect, but that does not mean that one does not try to aim higher when we can. In some cases, your motivational spirit can influence others around you. Here it is worth mentioning that one of the habits that I tried to adopt was to be more motivational and positive, towards myself and try to reflect that around me, maybe I can influence their lives in a good way.

The other day I was talking with my friend and came across an issue that we both were not comfortable with, we judged ourselves bit harshly than we are supposed to. In some occasions we even blamed ourselves for things we hand no hand in, just felt the guilt of not doing enough or for being too involved maybe. This feeling of guilt tent to get the best of me.

I’ve been told before that I express myself verbally in a good way, tell how I feel and so on, yet sometimes I feel that I do not do that, I go with show how I feel not say it clearly. Thinking about it after typing it, it can get confusing for people around me, and yes can give wrong and mixed msgs. Seems I will keep this topic to elaborate on later on. Back to the “adopting habits” topic, all the above take me back to why I would consider new habits, partially to improve myself and partially because I try to judge myself before people do that to me, in a way I am trying to run away from confrontation and criticism (again a whole big topic to be discussed).

Here is a list of things that I tried to start and some that I want to start:

  • Being positive
  • Motivational
  • Focus
  • Less Self-judgmental
  • Control my attachment to people and things
  • A picture per day project
  • Write down my emotions as stories
  • Listen more
  • Improve social communication skills



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