How my Love Towards Sports Start

I’m not an expert about sports by profession. I’m just like you all, a girl who likes sports and fell in love with it, since childhood. For me these days working out is the sport that I do, that I love, that some might even say obsessed with, but for me it is not obsession rather it is fascination and commitment.

It all started with a simple tool my parents placed for me on my room’s door (image below). I was crazy about it and swing on it when ever I want to enter or leave the room, as a must to do.

It started something like that, but don’t remember doing it this way alone

As I grew older, I saw people who I care about and love are into sports; football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, squash ext … you name it. That made the love of sport grow inside me. When I got the chance to participate in an aerobics class in an early age, I took this opportunity and took it seriously, it was not a joke it was sports it was fun, it was a lot of things but not a joke.

I think this is the shortest I can write about this big love story between me and sports, I’m so in love that I’m speechless :p


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